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The Association has the following aims:

a. to maintain the spirit of mutual friendship which existed among members of SAF during their period of service in Oman;

b. to stage an Annual Dinner and other reunions; and to meet on appropriate occasions in a congenial atmosphere;

c. to compile and publish an annual Journal of the Association;

d. to maintain a list of members; their addresses and other contact details;

e. to promote remembrance activities; including memorials and relevant documents;

f. to act as a point of co-ordination on formal trips to Oman which are arranged under the auspices of COSSAF;

g. to consolidate the links with Oman by providing or facilitating assistance, within the capabilities of the Association, to visiting Omani military personnel;

h. to undertake such ancillary activities as shall contribute to the aims of the Association, including complying with relevant and necessary statutory or regulatory provisions.


Following a single payment of a subscription for life membership, full membership of the Association is open to:

British and Commonwealth Officers and NCO's, who have served with, or are serving with SAF:

Omani officers, officers of the Defence Department, and the Ministry of Defence; and former members of Airwork Services Limited, who were employed in Oman.

Additionally, former and current members of the Royal Flight and Police Air Wing, and individuals who have provided special assistance to SAF, or the Association, and who are not eligible for full membership may, at the discretion of the Committee, be invited to become Honorary members.

    If you are eligible for membership and wish to join the Association please complete the form at:  Membership Application Form  Contact: