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About Us

The ASSOCIATION has the following aims:

  • to maintain the spirit of mutual friendship which existed among members of SAF during their period of service in Oman;

  • to stage an Annual Dinner and faciltate and support other reunions; and to meet on appropriate occasions in a congenial atmosphere;

  • to compile and publish an annual Journal of the Association;

  • to maintain a list of members; their addresses and other contact details, operating in accordance with GDPR requirements where applicable;

  • to promote  remembrance activities; including memorials and relevant documents;

  • to act as a point of co-ordination on formal trips to Oman which are arranged under the auspices of COSSAF;

  • to consolidate the links with Oman by providing or facilitating assistance, within the capabilities of the Association, to visiting Omani military personnel;

  • to undertake such ancillary activities as shall contribute to the aims of the Association, including complying with relevant and necessary statutory or regulatory provisions.


What we do:

The Association organises two reunions in London each year for members and their guests.  There is usually an Annual Dinner in late November, and a less formal Party in June.  The Association also supports and may make a financial contribution to regional events and/or cap-badge events held away from London.  For further details see Events.

The Association produces a Journal each year to keep members abreast of affairs in Oman, and SAF in particular, which is sent to all members and to selected bodies in both UK and Oman.  See 'The Journal' page in 'Events and News'

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