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Join the SAF Association

Following payment of a single subscription of £25 for life membership, full membership of the Association is open to:

British or Commonwealth officers and NCOs who have served with, or are serving with SAF.

Former and serving Omani officers, officers of the Defence Department and the Ministry of Defence.


Former members of Airwork Services Limited, who were employed in Oman.

Additionally, former and current members of the Royal Flight and Police Air Wing, and individuals who have provided special assistance to SAF, or the Association, and who are not eligible for full membership may, at the discretion of the Committee, be invited to become Honorary members.

Should you have any questions regarding membership please email

Alternatively, join the British Omani Society simultaneously

Members of the SAF Association were heavily involved in the foundation of the British Omani Society in the 1970s. Several of our members are on the Society Board including their chairman, Maj Gen Richard Stanford. The Society has its own premises in Central London with a busy and interesting programme of activities. BOS is generous in sharing these assets with the SAF Association: hosting and funding events for us, making their facilities available for our committee meetings and making a grant towards the cost of our annual Journal.

BOS members and their connections are diverse. They represent British-Omani relations across the generations. Their connections allow the Society to act as a confluence for the government, academic, cultural and private sectors of both countries. At events you will meet a broad range of people united by their interest in the Sultanate – from students to government officials, academics to business-people and of course Brits who have lived in Oman and Omanis currently living in the UK.

BOS hosts a high-profile lunch for members and Omani/UK government and VIP attendees each October. There is also an option to attend many events online (useful for members who are not based in London). See the upcoming events programme here:

The BOS annual membership fee is £25. However, for those new to, or just joining the SAF Association, we are promoting a membership offer for the Association and BOS. If you apply to join both organisations using the button below, the Association will waive its lifetime subscription and you will pay only the BOS membership fees (£25 annually).

You may choose either to join only the SAF Association or both the SAF Association and the British Omani Society simultaneously using the application form accessed by clicking the button below which will guide you through the options. 

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