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A History of Salalah Air Station

During the recent visit to Oman, we visited RAFO Salalah for a briefing. It was delivered by Raaid (Tay) Haitham Al Balushi, pictured below. Coincidentally, he had been one of our NH 90 heli pilots the previous day, flying us back to Salalah from Sarfait via Ashoq (on the Hornbeam Line).

Haitham is compiling a history of Salalah Station (his briefing to us started with a photograph of a Fairy III in 1930). He would be grateful for photographs, documents or any other information to help the project. Hopefully, the Association will have a wealth of information and he has given us his contact details.

Initial contact by email would be best, if members feel they can contribute:

Post-visit note: we have stayed in contact with Haitham and are delighted to report that he was promoted to Mqm (Tay) on 11 December. Congratulations!

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