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Al Cameron

Hugh Allan Leitch Cameron, better known as Al, was born on the 20th August 1945 near Edinburgh.

He joined the Royal Engineers in 1960 as a boy soldier and passed Selection into 22 SAS Regiment in 1966.  In 1970, following the transition of power in the Sultanate of Oman, he was one of four SAS soldiers selected initially to guard HM Sultan Qaboos. In 1972 he left the SAS to train to be a helicopter pilot, and having gained his wings flew with the Army until 1976, when he left to join the Sultan of Oman’s Airforce in Dhofar.

In 1979 he returned to the UK and had a varied career flying for Barrat Housing, the Police Helicopter Wing in Glasgow, the Shetland Island Council Pollution Control and Surveillance and the North Sea oilrigs where he survived a ditching in the North Sea.  He later flew for the Air Ambulance until 2000, when sadly, he developed Ménière’s disease which affected his balance and he had to stop flying.

Al was always active, and put the skills he had gained in the Engineers to good use carrying out many improvements around the house.  He had a keen interest in conspiracy theories, and spent many a happy hour arguing about them over a bottle of malt.  Al was very much a family man and will be sorely missed by his wife Louise, children and grandchildren.

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