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Arabic Course at AOS

The Anglo Omani Society have run numerous arabic courses both in the classroom and online. More recently the classes have mainly been online. We have been contacted by a couple of potential students for the next proposed online course, who are also members of the SAF Association, because there are insufficient numbers for the next course and it is in danger of being cancelled. So we're promoting the course here in the hope that it might pique someone's interest.

The next set of classes for Arabic Intermediate 2 due to commence early May will use as themes:

Travel, Friendships, Hobbies, Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Souqs, History, Environment.

As has always been the case students can request other topics and indeed drop topics if not considered relevant.

The level required for Intermediate 2 is:

  • Good level of writing and reading familiar simple information.

  • Talking about regular and routine activities. (Present Verb Conjugation with personal pronouns.)

  • Talking about past situations and anecdotes. (Past Verb Tense Conjugation with personal pronouns.)

  • Describing objects and people. (Use of noun - adjective phrases and correct word order)

  • Using possessive noun - noun phrases correctly. (With and without the definite article al-)

  • Numbers, Time, Weekdays and daytime.

Cost is £250 for 2x 1 hour classes per week, over 10 weeks. So 20 x1 hour classes. Additional home study on topics covered is provided within the price. If we get more than an additional 3 students the price could drop, but I can’t make any promises at the moment.

The level required may look a bit daunting for some but to boil this down:

It is important to be able to read and write in Arabic, but this is at a fairly basic level. Closer to John and Janet than King Lear.

Anyone who can do the above will have experience of the Arabic language and will fit in well with the class.

It is NOT competitive! We do it for fun and to engage our brains on a subject we enjoy.

If you are interested in learning more please email for further details.

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