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Colonel David Houlton MBE

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It is with deep sadness that we have learned of the death of David Houlton in Lymington on Wednesday 2 June. David, a Royal Fusilier, served as Brigade Major in Dhofar Brigade in the closing stages of the Dhofar War in 1975-77. He was immensely loyal to the brigade and a steady support to Brigadier John Akehurst, at a time of considerable pressures.

Alan Abbott, who served alongside him writes:

My period on the staff of HQ DHOFAR Brigade coincided almost exactly with that of David Houlton. During the final offensive operations against the adoo in Autumn 1975, David was always a calm and dedicated Brigade Major. He was an ‘old school’ officer who believed in carrying out his duties in a very serious, responsible and methodical way. He never cut corners. He was the consummate gentleman, always being kind, courteous and highly principled. He believed in facilitating the work of the combat units as smoothly as possible and was totally committed to their well-being in peace and their success in war. He was immensely loyal to the brigade, and personally to the Akehursts with whom he had a very good relationship. Above all, he was conscious that we were living in formative times and doing important work, and so he was determined that everyone should rise to the occasion. This led to an abiding commitment to Oman, which later manifested itself in a deep affection for the work of the SAF Association. He will be greatly missed by us all”.

Details of the funeral arrangements will be posted when known.

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