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Colonel Mahananda Medhi WKhM

Colonel Mahananda Medhi, known to all as simply Medhi, sadly passed away in Dispur Hospital in Assam India on Thursday 13th August, aged 77. He was born in Nagabera, India on 7 September 1943. He qualified as a Doctor in 1963 and joined the Indian Army Medical Corps


Doctor Medhi came to Oman in the late 1960’s, as a Captain, on Loan from the Indian Army Medical Corps and later converted to being a Contract Officer. He was initially posted to NFR as RMO. Bryan Ray, CO NFR during those early years, reports that he was well loved when he served with NFR and was often at the locations where the fighting was fiercest. He went forwards to attend wounded soldiers where they fell. All members of the regiment respected him hugely. Medhi possessed a great sense of humour and his cheerful manner boosted the morale of the soldiers when in dangerous situations. In brief he was a tremendous asset to the NFR. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (WKhM) in 1971.

He served several years in Dhofar, and established the Military Hospital in UAG in 1974, He was later appointed Senior Medical Officer Dhofar and during this time established the Dhofar Flying Doctor Service in 1975. In the early 1980’s he was posted to Muscat and tasked with forming the Casualty Clearing Station. He was later promoted to Colonel and was made CO of the Armed Forces Hospital, where his wife was also serving as a Doctor. His final post before retirement, after 25 years service, was Adviser to the Director of Medical Services.

After leaving Oman he spent a period working in the UAE before returning to his roots in Assam and a tribute to him published after his death by his local newspaper can be read by clicking here

He was a popular and well respected officer in both the Force Medical Services, and the Army generally. He is survived by his wife Dr Santi Medhi and his son Gunajit.

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