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Events Update

There have been quite a number of changes recently to the events we have planned for this year. The Events page has now been updated but keep visiting to check for further changes in the weeks to come.

We have had to cancel both the Salalah/Dhofar Ladies Dinner Night (10 Sep) and the East Anglia Curry Lunch (14 Sep) this year because of a lack of take up. This may be a hangover from Covid restrictions and perhaps some of our number still being wary about venturing out and socialising. Or perhaps more notice of the events is required. Whatever the reasons we will try to rearrange these events next year and see how we get on.

On the plus side details of the SE Region and Paul (Tiger) Wright Memorial Lunch (7 Oct) have now been published on the site and emails have gone out to a number of likely attenders. Enquiries at the proposed venue for the Northern Lunch in York continue with a possible date in October, November or December.

Details for the SAF Dinner (25 Nov) have now also been published and we urge you to get your bids in as quickly as possible so that we can be reasonably clear about likely numbers.

Please also note the other events on the website Events Page, not specifically mentioned above, which are very much going ahead and would benefit from your patronage.

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