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Handover of Association Chairman

Following a period of succession planning and agreement from Oman after our recent visit, Mike Lobb messaged the Committee on 21 December.

"I have this morning received a letter from Admiral Abdullah accepting my resignation as Chairman of the Association (and standing down from the Committee) in the interests of engaging with the younger generation. He has ratified the Committee’s suggestion to appoint Gordon Allen as the new Chairman effective from today. Thank you all for your support throughout my tenure. I have found it challenging from the transition of Sultans and Chiefs of Staff, the uncertainty of our finances and frustrations of COVID. Nevertheless, I consider that whilst maintaining the membership numbers, progress has been made with establishing regional events and increasing the number of presentations on our collective experiences. I will not be vanishing entirely but will be available to answer any historic issues and obviously continue to promote the aims and aspirations of the Association which will continue under Gordon’s Chairmanship." Mike has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Association as its Chairman. Despite Covid and the inevitable disruption to our face-to-face relationships with essential contacts both in the UK and Oman, we have made considerable progress. The reviews Mike initiated have helped us plan for the future on a realistic footing and re-engage with the current generation of loan service. It’s been a privilege to work alongside him on the Committee throughout his tenure. I look forward very much to carrying on that work during my time as Chairman. I hope that you will support our efforts to maintain our legacy and service to the membership and, in parallel, encourage new members who will carry forward our ethos and traditions to the next generation. Gordon Allen

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