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Heli 50+1

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We did it – a year delayed, but at last the gathering of some ‘real people’ to celebrate that crucial first introduction of some helicopters back in 1970!

Nearly 30 of us beat the Covid gremlins to converge on the Mill House in Odiham for a Curry Lunch on 4th September – the Helis themselves including Nick Holbrook as one of the actual ‘originals’, together with our partners and welcome other mates.

The hubbub told its own story as memories were rekindled (and probably rewritten too!). Speeches were short, there were kindly greetings from others, and the toasts were heartfelt: the bonds run deep. We remembered the past, wished our successors well – and enjoyed the curry!

There’ll be a note in the next Journal too…

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