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The Journal in time for Easter

The Editorial team under John Paxman has worked its magic. The Journal is to be printed this week. With any luck, but at the mercy of the Royal Mail, it should be with UK members for Easter … inshallah. Copies for Oman will be on the first RAFO flight after Ramadan.

Regional tensions need no further comment and we have been asked to be very sensitive to current concerns, expressed as they have been. For this reason, we will from time to time launch or reproduce articles here on the Website rather than in the Journal.

The first of such articles is Martin Robb’s unique historic insight into Civil Aid and is to be found in the Souq area of the website under the Articles category, accessible by members only.

Click on the image below to go there.

As usual, the full Journal will be available on the website in the same timeframe as the physical deliveries. We hope you will enjoy reading this edition - No 73 - as much as its predecessors.

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