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Captain Lilian Malcolm QARANC and FMS

Regrettably, due to the inadequacy of your webmaster, we failed to mark the passing of Lilian Malcolm in October 2020. I have included below the tribute provided by Allan Malcolm, her husband, who served in Oman from 1981 - 1998. My profuse apologies to Allan and Samantha.

Lilian Malcolm (nee Slack) died peacefully at the Borders General Hospital, Melrose, Scotland on the morning of Monday 19th October 2020 age 71. Lilian had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016 and at the time of her death the disease had reached an advanced stage that necessitated her hospitalisation.

Born in West Cornforth, County Durham in 1949 Lily, a name she hated, Slack trained at Bishop Auckland General Hospital and was admitted to the General Nursing Council as a State Registered Nurse in 1970. The following year she was commissioned in the British Army and served in various UK posts and in Germany. It was whilst she was at Catterick Military Garrison in 1973 that she would meet her future husband, Allan, who was serving with the RAF Regiment at nearby RAF Catterick. They married in December 1974 and had one daughter Samantha who was born in 1977.

In August 1986 Lilian followed Allan to The Sultanate where he was working in HQ SOLF and she served with FMS until December 1999 in both AFH and MAM Hospitals. Her last role was as Allocations Officer, an administrative role, in AFH. On returning to the UK Lilian worked for a short time at The London Clinic in Harley Street before taking up a role in a GP surgery in Surrey where she worked until her final retirement in 2015. Lilian is survived by Allan and by Sam who is based in Bali, Indonesia.

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