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Nick Moulton-Thomas

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Nick Moulton-Thomas died on the morning of 29th October 2018 in al Nahdha Hospital, Oman. He was known to many in the Association and in the wider Anglo-Omani family following his long service in SAF and the many people that he helped and communicated with during these years.

Nick was born in South Wales, the youngest of 3, and was commissioned into The Cheshire Regiment in 1965. Married to Tish in the same year he became the proud father of Charlotte and Emma.  He was a popular officer in The Regiment, never asking soldiers to do things that he couldn’t. He played Rugby for the 1st XV, gained a degree at Aberystwyth University, attended  Staff College and went on to instruct at the Junior Division of the Australian Staff College.  He served in many countries of the world including Northern Ireland, what

was then West Germany and Berlin, Belize, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, UAE, Libya and Oman, but it was clearly Oman that touched him most.

His first contact with Oman came in 1969 during a tour with the Cheshires to Bahrain and Sharjah when he led a patrol into the Ghubrah bowl and visited, among other places, Bilad Sayt.

In 1984 he left the Btitish Army and began what was to become 23 years service in SAF.

For the next 23 years Nick served with SAF as an operations and training staff officer. He was the Project Manager when the Royal Army of Oman Junior Staff College was set up. And in 2001 when the British Army and Exercise Saif Sareeya returned a second time, Nick was on the team that wrote the exercises. Finally in 2007 Nick, now a Lieutenant Colonel, retired after well over 40 years in military service.

He met and married Alyona, the love of his life, in Oman and formed a strong bond with her son Anton. On retirement from the army he was granted Omani nationality and started a very successful career as Managing Director of Technique LLC and entrepreneur at large.

Nick was always most generous, hospitable and the life and soul of parties.  It is notable how many tributes have been written online for him since his death and how many of those paying tribute have no connection to the military.


Nick was buried at the PDO cemetery in Oman on Tuesday 6th November 2018.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him; a great loss.

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